Bring your completed application to a Club meeting or mail it to the Club treasurer:

      Didi Molenaar,
175 Alameda Blvd
Coronado, CA 92118        

Convair/220 Amateur Radio Club
WD6HFR Repeater -- 224.90 MHz (-)  PL 107.2
Club Call  -  W6UUS

Membership:       New application _____       Renewal _____


ADDRESS_____________________________ CITY___________________ STATE____ZIP_________

Home phone (_______)_______________________ E-mail:___________________________________

New or renewal--$25.00 per year.    Number of  years_________     Amount enclosed $______________

Annual membership dues are due and payable at or before the April general meeting. Dues will be
prorated at the rate of $2.10 per month for new members that join in a month other than April.

Make check payable to: Convair/220 Amateur Radio Club.
Mail to
club treasurer: Didi Molenaar (KM6AAT), 175 Alameda Blvd, Coronado, CA 92118   

Note: Licensed family members residing at the same address are eligible for associate membership
without dues.

_____  Check here and list names on the back of this form.

The Club is affiliated with the ARRL and 51% of our membership must belong to ARRL to remain
affiliated. Contact any club officer for information.

The Club supports all volunteer emergency radio services. We recommend that members participate in
these organizations to enhance Amateur Radio preparedness for disasters. Operators with 220 MHz
capability are needed. Operators with other ham radio capabilities, such as HF, VHF, UHF, SSTV, Digital,
etc., are also needed.

ARRL member?      Yes ______        No  ______                                 

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                                                                                          Revised January
29, 2017