Saturday April 27, 2019
The International Marconi Day is held yearly on the Saturday closest to Guglielmo Marconi’s
birthday. This special day celebrates Marconi’s important ground breaking contributions to
wireless transmission. Over 40 amateur radio stations around the world that have some special
Marconi connection will be on the air. Our special event station has been selected to be one of
these official International Marconi Day stations and will be the only station operating from the
U.S. West coast.  We will be setting up our station on Fiesta Island, in the middle of the San
Diego Mission Bay, in order to contact as many of these “official” stations as possible using the
special event call N6M. We will also be making contacts with the general amateur radio
population and will be operating both CW and SSB.  To commemorate Marconi’s 1901
transatlantic transmission, which used a kite to support his aerial (see photo above), we will also
be flying a kite antenna during the times of the day that there is sufficient wind in an attempt to
duplicate his historic results.  The details of this event are as follows:

1. The International Marconi Day event will be held Saturday, April 27, 2019.

2. We will be setting up our special event station at 9 AM on the North West tip of Fiesta Island
and will be operating until 1 PM (or later if the ionosphere and operators hold up).

3. This sea level location is within line-of-sight of both the original Point Loma and Chollas
Heights wireless broadcast station sites but has the advantage of an unobstructed view toward
the U.S. East coast and Europe directly over the salt water bay.

4. We will be operating on 20 meter SSB (near 14.245 MHz) and CW (near 14.027 MHz) using
the Special Event call sign N6M.

5. Operation will be limited to a single transmitter at any one time in order to eliminate the
possibility of interference and
equipment damage.

6. We will set up a table, a push-up shelter and some chairs. Please bring additional chairs if
you can.

7  Drinks, chips and hot dogs will be provided.

8. Our Special Event Station has been selected by the event organizers as an “Official”
International Marconi Day station. Amateur radio stations from around the world will be
contacting us to earn points toward Marconi Day awards.

9. Our station will also be making contacts with as many of the other International Marconi Day
stations as we can.

10. The Marconi Day organizing group is the Cornish ARC which provides additional information
about this event and can be found at

11. This Special Event will be hosted by Bob (W6SDO), Mert (AF6HF), Dave (WB6SQA),  
Bob (KJ6EJW), Bill (K1CT) and Baron (K6VWL).

12. For additional information contact Bob at


                                                                                            Last revised 5/18/2018