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Member and Other Local Area Ham Radio Websites

Amplitude Modulation International-WEST                                   
Antennas for a Small City Lot (Bob, W6SDO)

San Diego Area Amateur Radio Clubs

Convair/220 Amateur Radio Club                                                    
Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon                                                      
Palomar Amateur Radio Club                                                           
South Bay Amateur Radio Society                                                  
Lakeside Amateur Radio Club                                                         
Escondido Amateur Radio Society                                                 
Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club                                                        
San Diego DX Club                                                                            
The San Diego Six Shooters Amateur Radio Club                        
Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club                                                        
Ramona Outback Amateur Radio Society                               

San Diego Area Amateur Radio Organizations

San Diego County Amateur Radio Council (SANDARC)                
San Diego Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES)   
San Diego Amateur Radio Emergency Services (SD ARES)        
San Diego Repeater Association (SANDRA)                                  
ARRL Southwestern Division                                                          

Nationwide Amateur Radio Organizations

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)                                
Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL)                                              
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)                        

License Study Classes and Examination Information

QRZ provides license practice tests (click resources)               
Getting a FCC Registration Number (FRN)                                    
Licensing and Testing

Amateur Radio Resource Sites and Publications

QRZ call lookup and practice tests (click resources)                  
AC6V the ultimate collection of ham radio links                           
W1WC links page                                                                              
KB2ERJ links page                                                                          
QST amateur radio magazine                                                          
CQ amateur radio magazine                                                            

Propagation and DX information

A Forecast of Radio Wave Propagation                                         
Collection of Propagation Information                                           
The eHam Propagation Page                                                           
Propagation of RF Signals                                                               
DX and Contesting Links Site                                                          

Local Suppliers

Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) the ham radio candy store                                          858-560-4900
Port Plastic (remnants are available for walk-in purchase)                              858-552-0801
Industrial Metal Supply (remnants are available for walk-in purchase)          858-277-8200
San Diego Hardware (excellent variety of specialty hardware)                        858-576-1892
ACE Hardware (good selection of stainless steel bolts and nuts)                   858-273-1608
San Diego Marine (heavy gauge wires, 12 volt supplies, bolts in various metals and general hardware

Other Helpful Amateur Radio Sites and Information

All about ham radio
Logging program (ACLog)                                                               
DX Spotting Program (DX Monitor)                                                
Electronic World Atlas for Amateur Radio                                    
QRZ Amateur Radio Atlas                                                                
Introduction to EchoLink                                                                 
Beginners Guide to FLDIGI                                                             
SignaLink USB FLDIGI information                                                 
All about T-hunting (radio direction finding)                                
Q Codes List                                                                                     
Operating Ethics for Ham Hadio                                                     
Amateur Radio Band Plan                                                                
US Band Plan Chart                                                                          

Technical Information

Attenuator design information                                                        
All About Mobile Installation and Operation                                  

Local Information and Interests

Local and Long Range Weather                                                      
Space and Astronomy                                                                       
Bicycle Riding Routes in San Diego                                               
All About Birds (Cornell Ornithology)                                             
Electric Powered Radio Controlled Model Airplanes                   
Best Hiking, Riding and Walking Trails in San Diego
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