You may contact any of the following members with your questions,
suggestions and comments. They are friendly and will make you

President:                    Duane Naugle         KO6BT     (858) 273-4088

Vice President:            Duane Carson        KF6UA      (858) 273-1083

Secretary:                    Bill Calderwood      K1CT        (858) 565-2689      

Treasurer:                    Didi Molenaar         KM6AAT   (619) 246-1989

Membership:               Sean Peacock         N6TFJ      (858) 922-5026

Newsletter:                  Steve Adams           K6PD       (858) 273-3770

Past President:           Bill Sipperly             AD6GL                         

Repeater Trustee:      Bill Calderwood       K1CT        (858) 565-2689

W6UUS Trustee:          Mert Taylor              AF6HF      (858) 336-8517

Web site:                      Bob Anderson        W6SDO    (619) 977-9477

Field Day:                     Jean Naugle            KC6QHT   (858) 243-4088

SANDARC Delegates:  AF6HF(Mert) , K6PD (Steve), N6CEO (Don) and KO6BT (Duane)

If you would like some help on a ham radio topic - ASK ELMER,
There are club members that will be happy to answer your questions and give
you a helping hand.


Revised January 28, 2017