The Convair/220 Amateur Radio Club's 15th  
annual Potluck Christmas Party was held
December 12, 2013. Many thanks to everyone
whose efforts made it such a success!
Last Updated December 14, 2014
Dottie            Duane KF6UA            Jeanne

Jeanne McAlindin made a presentation to the club telling
us how the Community Christian Services Agency (CCSA)
obtains and distributes food and help to the needy.
Don N6CEO                                 Carol       Jim N6LWL
Bonnie KG6LH    Marcia       Ed W6OYJ   Steve K6PD
Bonnie KG6LH    Ann    Bill AD6GL   Mike W6IEF
Duane KF6UA    Jim N6LWL   Mert AF6HF
Ed     Dan KD6OKR    Bonnie    Marcia    Carol       Bill
Bonnie       Delores        Steve    
Mike N6IEF
Becky        (Bob's wife)
Ginger          Mert            Don
Floyd AF6BC          Don
Charlie KK6BKA    Leslie       Becky          Ginger
Charlie and Leslie are the club's newest members
Jeanne        Don        Dottie
Becky and Bob W6SDO
Charlie KK6BKA and Leslie
Jim W6HME won one of the Poinsettias
Bill AD6GL and Ann
Jim W6HME                        Dick KG6UBO
Ginger with the Poinsettia that she won.   Mert AF6HF
Ed N6GZI                        Steve K6PD
If you have photos of the Christmas Potluck Party that you would like
to add, please e mail them to Bob at Also, if there
are captions that need to be corrected, please let me know. Thanks.
At last it was time to load up our dinner plates......
First, a little bit of business was conducted
Then time for some quality visiting
..........and enjoy our delicious potluck meal.
After the program which included some great Coast Guard
sea stories told by Bill K1CT,  Don N6CEO conducted a
drawing for the poinsettia table decorations that were
provided for the party by Mert AF6HF.
Finally, everyone helped make quick work of the cleanup
The following are some pictures from our
2012 Potluck Christmas party.
Our club president Duane KO6BT kicks off the party and visits with our program presenter Jerry Hilburn
Duane announcing that it is time to start filling our plates "starting over there"
We're wasting no time filling our plates - and we'll be back for more
Lots of good food to enjoy. Bob W6VR selects a cookie
LeRoy KC6BIU and his wife making their selections
We have filled our plates and we are happy                 MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!
Duane KF6UA (his birthday was today) and Dottie
Ginger and Becky doing some visiting over dinner
Jim N6LWL has a birthday later this month
Jim and Carol
Bessie and Bob KE6BJL
Duane KO6BT and Jean KC6QHT
Ann and Bill AD6GL enjoying the party
Dick KG6UBO getting started on a cupcake
Mert enjoying some good food and conversation
Steve set up the equipment for the presentation
Becky would like to thank Mert
for providing the poinsettias for
the Christmas potluck party.  
She plans to pot hers so that it
will bloom again next Christmas.
See you all
next year
The Convair/220 Amateur Radio Club's
sixteenth annual potluck Christmas party
was held December 11, 2014. This is the
club event of the year and has been a big
hit over the years.