The Convair/220 Amateur Radio Club consists of local
Amateur Radio Operators who meet socially to discuss
items of technical and non-technical interest in the
Amateur Radio Service.

The club has monthly meetings on the second Thursday
of every month at 7:00 PM at the Kearny Mesa
Recreation Center, 3107 Armstrong Street (near Mesa
College).  There is usually a short business meeting
followed by an interesting program.  Refreshments are
also served.

  Visitors are always welcome.

The Club publishes a monthly newsletter, "CONTRAILS",
to inform members of current Club activities.

The Club owns an open repeater, WD6HFR, on 224.90(-)
MHz, which is located on Palomar Mountain, 44 miles
northeast of San Diego.  The repeater has a PL of 107.2
Hz and also has a 107.2 Hz encoder (CTCSS) on the
output to prevent interfering signals from other repeaters
being heard. The repeater covers most of the San Diego
metropolitan and urban areas, extending from north of
Oceanside to east of Alpine, and has localized coverage
in other areas.

The club supports ARRL and ARES and is a member of
SANDARC. Membership in the Club is open to all
classes of license. For more information or an
application for membership contact the treasurer,
Didi Molenaar, KM6AAT at 619-246-1989 or

We hope to see you at our meetings or hear you on the
Club repeater and HF meet up group.

Club History

The Convair Amateur Radio Club and the 220 Club of
San Diego merged and formed the Convair/220 Amateur
Radio Club in February 2000. This was done for the
mutual benefit of both clubs. The Eagle in the current
Convair/220 Club logo was taken from an early logo of
the Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Co., which later
became Convair.

The Convair Club had its roots in a group of hams
working at the Convair facility at Lindbergh Field. As
early as 1954 they had an HF station, K6DBS, located

The Convair Amateur Radio Club was formally
established by Convair Hams at the Astronautics
Space Systems Division in 1960. This club was located
at Convair Missile Park on Kearny Mesa and had a
complete HF/VHF/UHF station including 440 and 2 meter
repeaters and beam antennas. This station was also
used as an EOC by ARES during drills and emergencies.
Missile Park no longer exists.

The 220 Club of San Diego was formed in May
1977. The purpose of the club was to own and operate
a repeater on the 220 MHz band.
It is believed the first 220 Club repeater was located in
a garage belonging to Lon and Sybil Albright, W6SLF &
W6GIC. Sometime in 1978 it was moved  
to Palomar Mountain and set up for operation in a
building housing the Palomar Club repeaters. This site,
leased from the Palomar Club, continues as the current
site of the repeater. The 220 Club had monthly social
and technical meetings and published a newsletter.


Tune in one of the following nets on the Club repeater
on 224.90(-) MHz, PL 107.2:

Club 220 Net

Mondays at 7:30 PM
Features Club Activities & Roundtable Discussion
Net Control: Various

Club HF Meet-up Group Net                      

An HF meet-up net is held every Wednesday at
7:00 PM on 7.217 MHz. To view or print the station roster
for the HF meet-up net click


Dues are $25 per year and become due April 1st.
Dues will be prorated if joining in a month other than
April. Licensed family members residing at the same
address are eligible for associate membership without
Mail your application or renewal form along with your
remittance to the Club treasurer:

Didi Molenaaro, KM6AAT
175 Alameda Blvd
Coronado, CA 92118

Make your check payable to the Convair/220 Amateur
Radio Club.


The Club call sign is W6UUS and is used during
special events such as Field Day, Roundup or

Club Staff

President: Duane Naugle, KO6BT
Vice President: Duane Carson, KF6UA
Secretary: Bill Calderwood, K1CT
Treasurer: Didi Molenaar, KM6AAT
Membership: Sean Peacock, N6TFJ
Newsletter: Steve Adams, K6PD
Web site: Bob Anderson, W6SDO
SANDARC Delegates:
AF6HF (Mert), K6PD (Steve),
KO6BT (Duane), N6CEO (Don)

Web Site

The Club's web site is
is lots of interesting information about the Club
and galleries of photos for you to view. Your
comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Revised January 28, 2017
Our repeater and control link antennas (center) located
on Palomar Mountain 44 miles northeast of San Diego
Maintenance crew at the Palomar Mountain repeater site
Battery shelter with Greg, Conrad and Mert
Palomar Mountain repeater support buildings
Repeater installation with repeater and duplex cavities
Greg and Conrad inspecting the battery bank charger
Repeater control link antenna. The bent Yagi director
element resulted from high winds and icing that occurred
during the rugged Palomar winter. The element was
repaired subsequent to the picture.
Repeater RF deck with link control radio
Deep cycle lead acid battery bank
If you would like some help on a ham radio topic - ASK ELMER.
There are club members that will be happy to answer your
questions and give you a helping hand.